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Wah Wah?

Merz doesn't like wahwahs

Wahwahs lead to a world of pain and hurt for most, as for most of them they fade away. The long term pain from said wahwahs never seems to go away.

What you have accomplished and what this community represents means too much to me for me to just outright resign and walk away. My experiences on AG, the period following it predating NSN, and the rise of NSN have had an unexpected impact on me as a person, and I'm very thankful for that. I do intend to stay as I've told you before. I apologize for my poor behavior in the past and I hope to do better for everyone and to better myself as a member of NSN. You're a good guy in my book. You've [just about] always been. I wish things could be more stable for ya, im gonna try harder to keep our NSN shit on track -Joebob, my bob

Well I’m pretty ass at writing so. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and everyone else. You always manage to stay calm even when certain people exist. I appreciate all the work you do for this server and respect your decisions. -Your Son, Didgeridoo Man

Mr MerzyPoo, You have created an amazing community and a even better server. I am happy that I am able to call this community my home and able to be apart of this. I am glad that I got the chance to meet you and the entire staff team and just be apart of this journey with you guys. Keep up the amazing work with the server and I am proud to call myself a Non Stop Gamer <3 Now THAT was EPIC! Love ya! -Jakob

Merz, you do so much for the server that very few people know about and there are a lot of people who take it for granted. Don't let those people bother you when they bitch and complain because we appreciate everything you do. You have created a place for people to make friends and have fun maybe even blow off some steam after a long day. I know this because I have met a lot of amazing people on NSN and made a lot of friends in the process. I know I may not be perfect and I may have caused you unnecessary stress and for that I'm sorry, but NSN wouldn't be what it is without you so thank you for everything you have done. -MrScummyBear

I carried our Rust tribe to the victory. But for real, I think I speak for all of the NSN members when we say we really do appreciate the great community you've made for us. Your leadership and personality is what makes NSN such a great community to be a part of. The sacrifice that you give to keep this server running smoothly is beyond what most people even understand and we deeply appreciate it. - Shabac

Merz ur a fucking asshole but you’re a great friend, i’ve been a massive pain in ur ass since u met me but you’ve not left me. I’ve been part of NSN since day one (literally) I still remember when you were messaging me about the idea of starting another darkRP server and I was all for it and even helped found the server with you. It was hard to get a playerbase at first but you never gave up and still havent, now look where you’ve gotten, almost 5,000 steam members and over 50 players daily and looking to expand into other game modes. We all appreciate you - Himblez. Icantdomaffs.lua Baidcanttiehisshoes

Words are not my biggest thing but when i try to word things always fucks up so here we go. Merz you know we all love ur ass for the shit you do for all of us and we all know you legit work your nuts off for the server and not enough people cough we know who dont appreciate that type of thing. But just know there is a reason why we are all here today writing on this little post just to let you know how much we honestly do care. Personaly yyou have made my life alot better with the server if it wasnt for you I wouldn’t have met half of my friends and created bonds with many others. Too all of that I am in debt to you brotha. Just keep doing what your doing because what you do makes you a good person because all any one could ever as it for people to do their best and boy you go one step beyond your best some times you go a little to far and honestly probably stress ur self out more then you should but just know in what ever you do u have a community behind you there to support and be there with you. Much love my man -TayMoo7

Merz i can be a dick sometimes but you helped me get over and talk things out with them.So i’m not that good at typing and everything but man i’ll miss you,nothing will be the same without you,and you put hard work on this server. -off brand oreos

You are a true nigga and I appreciate your work for NSN. I am going to put the font on my text to make it look like i wrote a lot but thanks for everything. And also, they are editing my msg and I dislike it merz. I wrote a lot trust me. You have a small dick. Keep it up cutie. -Your favorite staff member of all time

Merz you are amazing. You have the biggestdick in the world <3 -Inza

You a cool dude Merz , even tho its been a long time since i havent been on, i remember all of the good time i had on your server , joking around. Keep it up B oii :) -Sirbenjee

I still dont understand what DarkRP is but good luck with ur server…. - Barta.

Merz is a very cute man with a HUGE dick and i want to be inside of your ear canal, Love you. ⦁ Unreal (ps you haven't fixed my custom class.)

Merz, you not only helped me with any problems I’ve ever had in my relationships you helped me through life these last couple months. You’re the most amazing friend a guy could asks for and I love you (full homo) - User($)_

Merz i fucking love you, ever since i joined the staff team on RRP you have shown nothing more then love and fairness for that server and me. PS - Zapdos is NOT Superior to Ramsay. - Your favourite Jew.

When I first joined NSN, you helped me out a lot. It was the first DarkRP server I had played on, and I knew literally nothing. I started learning a lot more after pouring hours into the server, and I got the hang of GMod. I created a Garry’s Mod server after playing on NSN for a while, and it was you who gave me the motivation to keep it running. You helped me find some custom plugins, and from there on, I learned more about custom plugins and a lot about what it takes to run a Garry’s Mod server. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for that. There’s only so much one can learn on their own, and having this type of support from a successful server owner, really means a lot. I support your server, and donated in order for the server to become even better. You’re a great owner, and a very nice person in-general. I’m hoping my server becomes as successful as your’s one day. Thanks for everything, and keep up the great work! - Prefekt

Yo yo yo time to rize and grind, see ya on the flip side Merz-kinz <3 NsN has gave everyone so much and I hope it’s given you the most! There are so many people who love and look up to you and that’s just amazing. I know you give it your all and you continue to do so even with all the drama! You do your best to make everyone happy and listen to everyone begging you for your PP. Thankfully your PP is mine. You really do care so much thank you for being you and for giveing a place like NSN to all of us - The real Owner Queen-Daddy

Merz, tho it has been a long time that I played on your server, I appreciate all the shit you put up with, (not just me but mostly me) and just how much of a good server owner you are. Keep it up and keep laying them hoes. -ljg616 or Rickie James

I remember after the Jacob the JewBoi Chronicles when we played hella Deceit, you would talk about creating a gmod server. I would have never imagined it would have gotten as large as it is now, and all of that success is because of you. Even though I am a very busy boi and don’t get on that often, it is always a treat to talk to you and hang out on the server. Continue doing what you do. Love you <3 -Her Oof Winds

I've known you ever since you returned to RRP, when its DarkRP server was launched. Since then, you have gone through many shitty things and I'd just like to applaud your dedication towards the players. You cater to our needs, yet we don't show appreciation that much. I must also express my admiration and gratitude towards you, due to the fact that you forgave me for the very bad thing that I did. Let's just hope this positivity and patience within you remains for a very long time. -Your most hated Macedonian kid, Phelps

Merz i love all the work the effort and the love you put in the server to make it the best darkrp server ever. I know you work really hard but keep up the good work we love you really hard. -Yannp-l

Merz I have been playing on dark rp for a while now i had fun times and i know you have been through shitty stuff that people do I want to thank you for all the fun times with NSN i appreciate everything you do. Your favorite goat ~The Gaming Goat <3

Merz, i remember when i met you on tower unite. You were an amazing guy! Then i saw you had a darkrp server, and then i got back into it meeting the amazing people you played with. I love your works on youtube aswell, and i hope we talk more in the future! From: Glyph.

Merzy, As you know I’ve played on the server for a while, yes I may have “left you” for a certain amount of time but besides that I actually thought about the server so much but I never got to actually joining. Aside from all that shit I just want you to know that you are an AMAZING owner and that I really do love what you do for us. I hope that you continue running the server for many more years until Garry’s Mod is forgotten or removed from Steam. All jokes aside Merz I really do love you. Love, Walle The Cutie

Hi merzie You are the best meme -Gambler Moon

@Merz I quit garrys mod like 1 year ago but you seem like you got a pretty big ass penis ⦁ Skit

When I first found your server Merz I instantly fell in love with it and all the hard work you put into the server and how you are an actually good owner who interacts with the players and doesn't just talk to staff you actually play jobs and have fun well this is all I got for now. ⦁ Your Favorite School Shooter

Merz your frfr my dad and you have helped me through alot man thank you so much for being there for me whenever i need you and i’m glad we have the conversations we have I love you homie (No homo tho <3) -Vortexz

Merz, you’ve been a great friend to me big dog, I can’t express the amount of love I have for you and your server. When you talked to me back in November, and you promised me that my server would be at the top, and it did. I can’t express the amount of excitement I have to work with you, and to help your server succeed. I can’t express the amount of time I want to put into this server, and help you out. I am genuinely happy to put work into this server, because you worked extremely hard to get where you are. This server will prosper, and you know it will. What is real will prosper :) -Amphirax

Merz I love you, thanks for giving me a chance on the staff team. Thanks for putting up with me whenever I messed up a little. And for being a good role model. I can never think of a better owner than you. You encourage me to strive for the better, even though I may have given you mini-heart attacks, I am very happy you put those aside. PS- stahp bullying me❤️ -AgentHoltz

I first joined the server after I had gotten back into GMOD, and man, I was lost at first. But, after guiding from your staff, I figured my way around again. When I first saw you online I didn’t think much of it because you didn’t have the owner role. When I started to get more involved though, bought a rank, and joined the discord, I realized that you were indeed the owner, and a helpful one at that. You were in the server helping people 24/7, in the discord figuring out different situations and diffusing chaos all together. You’ve not only treated me, but everyone who plays your server or talks in the discord with insane respect and you’re always willing to help anyone who needs it, even though you have staff you usually do so. After DM’ing you more about getting my V.I.P rank because something went wrong, I realized that you actually were a really nice and chill dude who seemed like someone who you’d like to hang around. All in all, man, I can’t even express how grateful everyone is and how much we appreciate you and how much you help us. P.S. Merz has big pp. -Infinity4

Merz thanks for your server man it has shed light on my life a lot and I learned a lot of stuff about the server and the staff team and I really appreciate for everything you do for the server and I’ve learned a ton of being a staff member and player in general and I really want to thank you in anyway I can, you’ve been a great friend to me and I really appreciate your whole entire server to the fullest of my extent, you are a great owner and a great person in general and definitely stand for the best Owner that I’ve ever encounter in gmod, joebob for super. - GoldReaper

Merz I know i haven’t been playing long but you already have done alot for me. I appreciate everything you do for me and everything you have done for the server. The server you have created and the community you have built is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and dealing with the little things. You are one of the most considerate and understanding people i have met. I really miss you man. MERZ is the BIGGEST CUTIE -ZEEBZER

Merz I know that people have said every bit of this before but i want you to know that you helped me through depression, and anxiety. You have helped me make friends that i never would have met before. You make me hard, and i want you to know that i am always in your debt. I am serious about this. One more thing I absolutely love the fact that you opened these opportunities for me. Your lover - Slave boy koneko

The NSN darkrp server is probably the best one I’ve ever played on. Sure, it might not have the level of customization and polish that other servers have, but the community is downright wonderful. And at the end of the day, isn’t the fun of darkrp all about interacting with other people? I don’t think that I would stick around if it weren’t for how nice everyone is compared to other darkrp servers. Sure, there are a few bad eggs every now and then, but it’s overall been the best I’ve ever seen, which is something I really can’t say for any other servers I’ve played on. You and the staff have worked hard to cultivate an environment that allows for such a great community to develop and thrive in, and I think that’s truly something special. Keep up the good work, Merz, and good luck. -jeeB uwu

I joined the server late from corrupt roleplay, but while amp was going thru shit you were always pushing him to do the most and the right thing. Just by that I can tell you’re a great guy and deserve every bit of what your server has grown to be. I hope I can make a good impact on the server and help it grow more than what it is now. You’ve worked hard for what you have now and everyday I keep joining back because you’ve made it a great place to play the old game we all love so much. -Joey :)

Merz you have showed so many great things about this community and you are the star on the top of the tree. I want to thank you for being so nice to me since the first day that I have joined the server.the server has been a way for me to get away from real world troubles. And you have showed me that there can be a good side in everyone. I want to thank you for everything you have ever done for the community as a whole. ⦁ VertexWarrior

Merz your cock is gigantic

It ain’t easy to wrangle a pile of 14-25 year olds searching for an escape from reality for a few sweet hours. Knowing what you put up with, and WHY you put up with it,gives me some faith in humanity. You provide a sanctum for people to just socialize and enjoy themselves, not worry about bullying, money problems, or familial disputes. It’s a great thing you’re doing, and even if the whole world told me you were doing it for the money, I’d spit in their face and tell them you do it for the kids. Your favorite estranged bard, Krucifix

I agree with this guy ^

Merz you are cool and have always been nice to me even when I am annoying -ilykekats

Merz you have always been nice to me whenever I ever had a problem. If I ever had an issue you were there to help, even with my split from NSN we seemed to part on good terms. Not many people would be as polite and friendly as you have been to me. Anything I needed help with, you were there. Thanks for everything you have done for me and I truly appreciate it. ~djpgamer7

Yo whats up Merzy Merz. You helped me out everytime I need it and uhhhhhh yeah. UwU. -Div Div

Sup bro, I haven't known you for too long, but you are a really nice individual who always tries to help everyone. I enjoy the conversations in discord about random shit :) -DCRD

You are a very nice manz, and i appreciate all that you have done for this server and everybody in it. With loves- Omega

Even though I may have since been demoted twice now and barely play on the server, I still appreciate you and everything you do. The server really helped me through a few months and made me happy. This server was the first DarkRP I have ever joined, and even though I have moved on from the genre of server, I still come back every once and a while to experience what I did earlier this year. You are truly a great person and deserve all the credit you get. Again, big thanks for helping me through that tough time, I hope you are successful in your future endeavours and I hope to continue playing on the NSN servers through other gamemodes. ⦁ Big thanks from MisterGuac

This Whole Server is a Awesome Place with Nice People And the Staff Cool Staff, Extremely Sublime staff and all the Credit for the server goes to you for Making it and Doing What you do. P.s Thanks for Putting me In that Video that was Kinda Like a “Advertisement” for your Server its Awe to Me to be in it Thank you -Saucy

To my favorite mom in the world,thank you for doing as much as you did for this community.Keep being awesome and hard working for this community it will pay off at the end all this hard work, love you long time. Your favorite son. <3 <3 (also you have a huge penis).

Merz my dearest friend i wanted to say that i appreciate how much you do for the server and what you have done for me i appreciate that you believed in me when no one else did and i hope you are doing awesome and i hope you keep getting awesome people on the server to help you ~Pika <3

I was all but done with DarkRP and Gmod in general. My kids liked to play it sometimes but I didn’t often join them. One time though, my son was so psyched about a server that he found that he absolutely insisted that I join. And am I ever glad that I did. Merz, you have held together something that has inspired so many things for my life. You have not just kept this amazing community going, but what you do and the way in which you do it inspires others to want to be greater than they every thought they could be. You are a leader, a scholar, and a friend. No Better men have I seen running a community. Many more years of greatness and happiness to you and yours, To Merz! ⦁ Morgoth loves you

Hey Merz really bad at writing these type of things but i wanted to say i and a lot of other people really really appreciate your super hard work on the server even when things are getting crazy with players or really anything you manage to stay really chill you 100% are the coolest fucking owner ever. NSN came a long way from 10 players on the server at times and a couple days ago i saw 100+ players on. I like the way the server is going, and you’re interacting with the players on the server a lot which most owners don’t ever do and you still manage to do it even when busy. But merzy we really fucking appreciate your hard ass work thanks cutie <3 ⦁ Pierre


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