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unban of tywa - reformed_tyler - 02-19-2021

Name: Tyler

SteamID (Ex: STEAM_0:0:11101):76561198165777264

Discord Username (Ex: Name#1234): Tyler.#0496

By posting this appeal, you agree to not mention it to any Staff members nor try again if it is denied.

Date & Time of Occurrence: 1 Year ago

How long were you banned for?: Forever

Staff member who banned you: Curtis

What you were banned for?: Disrespect

Were you warned before getting banned?: Yes

Your appeal situation in depth: Well, back when I played before I was banned, I was toxic in general. I was disrespectful to the staff members and a lot of the players I met in-game. 1 day, I made the idea of a base that was a zig-zag that was hard to raid. When I showed this to the admins they said it wasn't allowed because it was a maze base. This made me quite mad and I started to become more toxic as the days went on. After around 4 days I build another base that was also considered a made base and I wasn't respectful to one of the admins that told me to take it down. Then my toxicity continued and when I got in a call with Merz, Robbie, and others, I continued to be toxic to them so I was banned. This wasn't the first time I had been banned for being toxic or not following rules, in the past I did many stupid things like a flesh wall and more. Well, all of these errors made me more toxic, and then I got permabanned. There is probably more to the story of how I got banned but I don't have great memory so I apologize. The main thing I am looking for in this unban is a new community or in this case, the only community to come back to and have a great time in. NSN was one of the best times I had gaming because of the community and the things I could do on the server and I miss that. I also miss other things about NSN but that isn't the topic here. Merz has given me many chances to become less toxic and I am sad I didn't use those to reform and become a better part of the community. I hope he gives me 1 more chance and I hope i have the best of it if he does. If anyone needs more information you can add me on discord and I would love to have a conversation.

RE: unban of tywa - Merz - 02-20-2021


RE: unban of tywa - Hobo - 02-20-2021

RE: unban of tywa - Blue Geoff - 02-20-2021

RE: unban of tywa - reformed_tyler - 02-20-2021

(02-20-2021, 08:56 PM)Merz Wrote: Why?

well, there are a couple of reasons why I want to be unbanned. The main one being I miss playing on the server and I enjoyed my time on the server when I was playing. Now if you mean why should you make the choice to unban me, well I think I would be a good part of the community mainly. I would also try to become a mod if I could because I've wanted to for a while.

RE: unban of tywa - Blue Geoff - 02-20-2021

(02-20-2021, 10:14 PM)reformed_tyler Wrote:
(02-20-2021, 08:56 PM)Merz Wrote: Why?

- I would also try to become a mod if I could because I've wanted to for a while.

RE: unban of tywa - Bucket - 02-24-2021

From what I read in your reply, you took time to actually mention your opportunities to own up to your mistakes and how you ignored them. The phrase 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me' comes to light here, and I think this more than sums it up.


RE: unban of tywa - reformed_tyler - 02-27-2021

Is there any additional information needed or a discord call?

RE: unban of tywa - Merz - 03-02-2021