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Full Version: DarkRP Rules
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General Rules:

Be respectful towards other players and staff members.
Do not harass players or repeatedly target them in roleplay.
Do not use explicit or controversial content, racism, discrimination, or excessive swearing.
Do not use cheats, exploits, scripts, voice modifiers, or ban evasion of any kind.
Do not abuse props or entities in any way; spam, block, climb, trap etc.
Do not spam in any way; mic spam, chat spam, toolgun spam, etc. - Music is permitted in private places.
Do not argue in chat or fight staffing decisions.
Do not advertise other sites or servers.
Do not AFK on the server to farm hours for ranks or to become eligible for staff.
Do not attempt to dodge the AFK system.
Report issues with other players to staff members, or issues with staff to forums.
Do not take rule breaks into your own hands or demote players when staff are online.

Roleplay Rules:

Do not RDM (Random Death Match). This means randomly shooting/killing a player. Brandishing weapons, attacking, and killing must be for valid roleplay reasons.
Do not break NLR (New Life Rule). This means immediately returning to the area that one has died or using information from before one’s death. When killed, a player must wait 5 minutes before returning to where they died.
Do not FailRP (Fail RolePlay). This means behaving Out Of Character in roleplay situations or saying/doing something that one wouldn’t do in real life. A player should adhere to the described role of their job/class.
Do not Metagame. This means using OOC knowledge for in-character situations. A player should base their decisions/actions on realistic information or events and not UI elements or game mechanics.
Do not roleplay in spawn or the Casino. This includes stealing entities or using SWEPs on players.
Do not abuse your job; spamming abilities, self-supplying items when dealers are available, etc.
Do not scam or bait players; "conning" someone out of an item, luring someone into a restricted area, etc.

Basing/Building Rules:

You must own the doors of a base to claim ownership of it. The players who own the front door have access and building rights.
A player can only own or be a part of 1 base.
Do not build outside/outdoors (see job rules for exceptions). The front door marks the beginning of the buildable property area.
There must be at least one entrance to a base where anyone can get inside.
Do not use NoCollide to enter/exit a base if you are not building it.
Do not create crouch/jump/maze/disorienting/black-out/zig-zag bases. Players must be able to enter or exit fairly.
One-way mirror materials/props are not allowed (where a player can see through one side only).
Do not create sky bases or use fading bridges.
A base is limited to 5 fading doors. 2 additional fading doors may be used for printers.
Fading windows do not count towards the fading door limit.
Do not double-stack fading doors or position them where players cannot lockpick or keypad-crack them.
Keypads must be created for fading doors in proximity to and on either side of each.
Keypads must have a hold length of at least 5 seconds and can have a maximum delay of 3 seconds.
Your base is liable for removal by Staff if you are AFK for an extended period.

Mega Basing Rules:

At least 6 players are required to be in a gang to mega base.
Mega basing can occur at any district that doesn't prevent access to another.
The 5 fading doors limit applies to the entrance of the mega base.
2 extra fading doors may be used for each building inside the mega base.

Textscreen Rules:

Do not use offensive language in or abuse the character limit of textscreens.
You must place a KOS (Kill On Sight) sign to kill players for trespassing or causing trouble based on your designated terms.
Do not list “all reasons”, “if annoying”, “loitering”, etc. as KOS reasons. KOS signs must make sense and should not be abused.
KOS lines are only permitted inside of a base.
You may place a building sign while setting up (i.e. building) your base. Other players are discouraged from disrupting those who are building.
A player cannot have entities in their base or be actively roleplaying while they are building.
KOS or building signs must be a size of at least 60 and be placed at the entrance where it is completely visible.
Combat (KOS) Rules:

You can fire at someone if:
They are damaging/hurting you or a party member.
They are damaging or stealing your entities.
They are raiding you or vice versa.
They are kidnapping/arresting/throwing bugbait at you.
They violate your KOS sign.
They are a Zombie or Clown.

You cannot fire at someone if:
They are holding a weapon pointed in your direction.
They are threatening you or saying something you do not like.
They are breaking roleplay rules.

Raiding Rules:

Type /raid in chat to begin or assist a raid.
Do not raid a base with a building sign, one that you are already inside of, or one that you or your party members belong to.
A raid zone is limited to the size of the base. Anyone in front of or inside of the zone may be killed.
You may raid a player every 10 minutes, while the same player can be raided every 30 minutes.
The maximum time players have to raid is 15 minutes. They must vacate by the time it is over.
A raid is automatically over when all the raiders have been killed.
Anyone killed during a raid cannot return until after the raid has ended and NLR time is up.
Do not do anything to unfairly disrupt the raid while it is in progress; building/spawning props, using fading door binds, switching jobs, disconnecting, etc.
You are liable for FailRP if you leave/rejoin the server within 20 minutes of being raided to take away the raiders' winnings.
Do not use vehicles or novelty entities during a raid (i.e. non-raiding tools).

Mugging Rules:

Type /mug in chat to begin a mugging.
The maximum amount of money you can mug for is $50,000.
You may mug a player every 5 minutes, while the same person can be mugged every 30 minutes.
If a player is being mugged, they may attempt to use a weapon for self-defense.
If a mugged player attempts to run away or defy the demands, the mugger may kill them.

Kidnap Rules:

Type /kidnap in chat to begin a kidnap.
A player can only be kidnapped if they are outside (i.e. in public).
A kidnapper must provide a ransom. The maximum amount of money for a ransom is $100,000.
If a player is kidnapped, they cannot suicide to escape.
A kidnapper can only hold a victim for 10 minutes.
You may kidnap a player every 15 minutes.
Do not kidnap government jobs (excluding the Mayor).

Job Rules:

Civilians are the “neutral classes” and can live humble lives.
Civilians cannot perform any crime actions (steal, mug, raid, kidnap, terror).
All Civilians except for Dealers, Hobos, and Zombies must base indoors. The latter can build small bases or stands outdoors where they cannot block the street or access to bases.
Dealers cannot self-supply items unless there are no others to buy them from.
Dealers, Hotel Managers, or any jobs that provide services must be active.
Hobos and Zombies cannot have money printers.
Hobos cannot own weapons larger than pistols and Zombies cannot own any weapons.
Hobos and Zombies cannot own buildings. They must build outside.
Bodyguards must base with their employer.
Bankers can only base at the bank with other Bankers and can hold valuables (e.g. money printers) for other players.

Criminals are the “evil classes” and can commit crimes.
All Criminals except for drug dealers (Meth Cooks, Weed Growers, etc.) can perform crime actions.
All Criminals must base indoors.
A player can counter criminal activities if the victim is in their party.
Only Thieves, Robbers, and Gang Members may mug and raid.
Only Kidnappers can kidnap.
Gang Members may have gang wars which can last up to 15 minutes.

Government are the “good classes” and can enforce the law.
All Government must base in the PD.
Government cannot be corrupt. This includes them performing crime actions, using illegal items, or breaking laws.
Police may counter all criminal activities. All Government must counter PD raids.
Police must patrol for illegal items/activities and uphold the laws.
Police cannot RDA (Random Arrest), randomly weapon check people, or have checkpoints outside of PD.
Police must obtain a warrant to raid a base. They can use what they see as reasons.
Police cannot make the PD lobby KOS. The lobby doors may be locked but should otherwise be accessible to the public.
The Mayor may create laws of their own, but the following laws are default and cannot be changed:
   * Do not attack other citizens except in self-defense.
   * Do not steal or break into peoples’ homes.
   * Money printers are illegal unless held by a Banker.
The Mayor cannot make anything that is against the rules legal or go against default laws.
The Mayor cannot make certain players/jobs illegal or exempt them from laws.
The Mayor cannot make KOS laws (KOS rules still apply).
The Mayor must sell gun licenses if weapons are illegal.
The Mayor must have a law board up and visible to the public for their laws to be enforced.
The Mayor must have a valid reason for a lockdown (e.g. terrorism, gang violence, PD raid).
The Mayor may demote any police if they have a valid reason.
S.W.A.T. must handle all illegal activities such as raiding, mugging, and kidnapping.