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Full Version: Job ideas!
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I first would like to say that i'm enjoying a lot currently. But let me get straight to it. 

1. Drug dealer jobs. Such as the meth and etc. I feel like it would make the experience very intense. High paying drugs that everyone wants to get their hands on. 

2. Some type of explosive making job. Is that what demolitionist is? The jobs is glitched atm. 

3. I would definitely like to see the printer maker on here especially since it's very illegal on the other server. 

4. Some type of job that can utilize the wood and ores more than the crafting system does.

5. Give the drug cartel a way to make drugs and start up an entire drug business!

That's all I could think of for now. Thanks for reading my suggestions. Smile
I'm trying to find suitable explosives for them to make, right now we have some basics but I'm working on it currently- and I have someone making some custom drug types that will help people raid/pvp so it'll be less about making money and more about getting buffs/nerfs depending on what drugs you take.

Great feedback so far, thanks Tymplar!