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Full Version: Forums Rules
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Forum Rules:

- Be respectful to everyone, when posting on the forums.

- Do not start arguments on the forums, if you have an issue with someone contact a staff member.

- No necroposting on the forums (Posting on a thread 2 weeks or older)

- Do not post any kind of NSFW/Racist or any other kind of offensive posts on the forums.

- Do not advertise other discords/servers/sites on the forums.

- When replying to staff applications, please make sure to reply with valid reasoning, and take their application into consideration

- Any kind of scamming, that is scamming a trade with another person using real world currency, in-game currency or items, or items in games like CS:GO for example is not allowed. Violation of this rule may cause a forum ban / RFC.

- Do not make a false report on other members, only report people if there is actual reason to.

- Do not make alt accounts on the forums (If you can not access your account, contact a member of the SMT on our Discord.)

- Do not post a thread in a section where it does not belong (e.g posting a suggestion in the off-topic section).

- When replying to a post, please avoid posting stuff such as "Very epic" etc. at least type a full sentence.

- Do not spam message another player/staff, they will see and get back to you eventually.

- This is an English speaking community/forums, therefor we expect everyone to post in English. All of these rules also apply to the shoutbox and signatures/profile pictures

- Do not shitpost on the forums:

Shitposting is when you post a thread or a comment on another thread, which has no relevance towards the post/thread at all that are like 1-3 sentences and should be longer.. It is also shitposting, when you post very random videos/pictures/posts just to get your forum posts up. Shitposting is also when making a thread asking questions that could have been asked on discord/in-game.