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Full Version: Custom Job Format / Information
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Hi there, buddy! So you want a custom job?

Please read all of the information below! To start, you should copy the format below:

Custom Job Format

Steam ID:
Crime, Gov, or Neutral:
Job name:
Color (R,G,B):

Depending on what type of job you want, you can pick certain perks for it.

Class Perks

Government ($20 base price)
  • FBI Playermodel (and team color) of choice - see list below
  • Choice of Deagle, USP, or P228
  • 100 health & 100 armor
  • Grapplehook
  • Stunstick
  • Handcuffs
  • Battering ram

Neutral ($30 base price)
  • Suits and Robbers Playermodel (and team color) of choice - see list below
  • Rust Pistol
  • 100 health & 100 armor
  • Grapplehook
  • Medkit
  • 2 entity groups of choice - see list below

Crime ($45 base price)
  • Fallout NCR Playermodel (and team color) of choice - see list below
  • Choice of Dual Elites, Glock, or Fiveseven
  • 100 health & 100 armor
  • Grapplehook
  • Lockpick & pro keypad cracker

The previously mentioned perks are what comes standard with your purchase. If you are interested in other perks, see the optional ones below.

Optional Perks

150 armor ($30)
200 armor ($35)
Additional weapons - see price list below - UP TO 3 WEAPONS TOTAL ON A JOB
Additional entity groups - see price list below - NEUTRAL ONLY; UP TO 3 ENTITY GROUPS TOTAL ON A JOB

If you selected a Neutral class, you may pick entity groups that will be made available to you. If selecting 3 groups, the 3rd is $5 extra.

Entity Group Choices - NEUTRAL ONLY

Armor ($5)
Alchemy items ($10)
Bartender items
Bitminer items ($10)
Cocaine items ($5) - manufacturing items only
Computer items
Drugz items ($10)
Farmer items
Food items
Meth items ($5) - manufacturing items only
Mining items ($5)
TFA shipment - discuss first - see list below

Regardless of what class type you choose, you are entitled to a standard weapon(s). If you wish to purchase a second/third weapon, please read the pricing information carefully.

Weapon Choices

  • Desert Eagle ($15)
  • Dual Elites ($15)
  • Fiveseven ($10)
  • Glock ($10)
  • USP ($10)
  • P228 ($10)

Sub-machine Guns
  • FN P90 ($25)
  • MP5 ($30)
  • HK UMP45 ($15)
  • TMP ($15)

  • Flashbang ($20)
  • Knife ($5)
  • Smoke Grenade ($15)

You can pick any playermodel from the list below based on your class type. Feel free to go to the workshop page to learn more about their variants.

Playermodel Choices

Suits and Robbers
Fallout NCR

Now you should be done! Finish the job format and send it to the Staff member that you are consulting with. Wait for a go-ahead from them before making your purchase!

Extra Charges

Changing class/job names, models, weapons or entities ($5)
Changing class/job type ($25)
Adding another player to the class/job ($20)


Weapon prices apply if the weapon is added-on
Custom classes/jobs fall under the jurisdiction of the job rules of their category
Any form of abuse will result in the relevant perk/item being taken away
Breaking server rules and consequently being banned is a violation of the ToS and does not warrant a refund