Please read our rules below!


General Rules:

1. No hacking, glitching, macroing, scripting, exploiting, soundboards, voice changers, etc.
2. No threatening to DDOS a staff, player, or the server.
3. No mic spamming/chat spamming.
4. Do not prop push/spam/block/surf/kill.
5. Do not advertise other servers on our server.
6. Do not FailRP.
7. Do not RDM(Random Deathmatch).
8. Do not break NLR (New life rule), NLR is 5 minutes. If someone raids you and you die in the raid, you can return to your base 2 minutes after all of the raiders call over.
9. Do not RDA (Random Arrest).
10. Do not RDS (Random Stunstick).
11. No hiding in props so people can't shoot you.
12. If warned to remove Radio/TV/Music Player/etc. and is not done, you may be killed.
13. Do not disrespect staff/players.
14. If someone is breaking rules don't arrest them or make them wanted call a staff member. If you do arrest them you will be warned.
15. Do not meta-game.
16. Do not scam, give a player the item they payed for.
17. Do not disconnect and join back to recover your stolen items, this is FailRP.
18. Do not argue in OOC.
19. Do not suicide if you are being kidnap or mugged.
20. Do not disconnect, suicide, or change jobs in a admin sit.
21. Do not use a camera to look inside bases.
22. Do not argue with staff. If you have an issue, post a forum under "Staff report".
23. Do not kill yourself if you’re about to be arrested.
24. Do not job abuse.
25. Do not FDA, this is where you use your key to open your fading door. This rule only occurs during raids.
26. Do not use Chat Expressions for any Adverts.
27. Do not AFK on the server for the purpose of farming hours to apply for staff.
28. No playing racism, sexism, ear rape, or pornography through the radio or cinema.
29. Pornography, Sexual Content, and anything related to that is not allowed.
30. Do not camera, flashlight, or toolgun spam.
31. No Sexism or Racism (Unless you're in RP)
32. No changing jobs just to kill people. Otherwise considered FailRP.
33. Do NOT kill anyone that is in prison. Just let them serve their time in peace.
34. Don't ask Staff for money.
35. Purging is not allowed on this server whatsoever. (Leaving spawn and having constant back-to-back combat)
36. If someone owns the front door(s) to a building, they own the building.
37. No multi-adverts. (Exception: Adverting Raid/Assist and Hit Accepted/Complete)
38. Warnings must be adverted no less than 3 seconds apart.
39. If you are going to steal someone's entities, ammo, ect. you must advert steal. You are KOS to the person you are stealing the item(s) from or any of their party members.
40. The staff member has final say in all matters.

Mugging Rules:

1. The max amount of money you can mug for is $100,000.
2. You may mug every 5 minutes.
3. You may mug the same person every 30 minutes.
4. During a mug you MAY pull any guns.
5. You may run from a mug, but your mugger can kill you.
6. You must advert mug or use /mug on a player.

Raiding Rules:

1. You must call raid before using raiding tools.
2. You may raid every 10 minutes.
3. To raid the same person you must wait 25 minutes.
4. The raid time limit is 15 minutes. This means as soon as you call raid you have 15 minutes to finish.
5. Do not camp in a base that you’re raiding.
6. You may steal entities from the base you are raiding.
7. Do not come back to a raid after you die.
8. Do not raid someone with a building sign.
9. You may not build while being raided.
10. Do not switch jobs while raiding/being raided.
11. Do not raid the same person who has raided you for 5 minutes.
12. Police may return to a PD raid at any time.
13. You can't raid your party members, or anybody added to your doors.
14. You can't raid someone who doesn't own any buildings. (This includes Hobos. They don't own buildings)
15. You must advert raid or use /raid on a door.
16. You may not call raid on a base you’re currently inside.
17. Bank and PD Raids must be adverted.
18. Base takeovers are not allowed.
19. While raiding, you may kill anyone on the same side of the street and within the width of the base you're raiding. This is considered the raid zone.

Kidnap Rules:

1. You may Kidnap every 15 minutes.
2. You may only hold your kidnapped victim for 10 minutes max.
3. You must advert kidnap, or type /kidnap while looking at the person.
4. You may not kidnap CP (excluding the mayor).
5. You MUST provide a ransom. Max ransom is 150k.
6. Your kidnapped victim must be kidnapped while OUTSIDE any buildings.
7 When using the rape swep you have to advert Rape
8 You may Rape every 15min

Terror Rules:

1. You may terror every 10 minutes.
2. Terrors may only last for a maximum of 30 seconds.
3. You are KOS while terroring.
4. While terroring, you may ONLY kill government officials.
5. You must advert terror before you start attacking.

Building Rules:

1. A player should be able to enter/exit a base without having to break any props.
2. You CAN have keypads that are fake (AKA don’t work).
3. No crouch, jump, maze, disorienting, foot shooting or black out bases.
4. No sky bases or fading bridges.
5. Your keypad must have a hold length of at least 5 seconds.
6. Keypads must be placed near the door they open and cannot be hidden.
7. You must have a Keypad on each side of a fading door.
8. There must be at least 1 entrance to your base.
9. Keypad delay can be a maximum of 3 seconds.
10. You may only have a building sign if you are really building.
11. You may not have a building sign if you have entities in your base.
12. Do not build outside your building. (Exception: Placing props on top of your building to prevent people from texture exploiting)
13. You may only own ONE house/building.
14. Do not build on the streets.
15. Only Government Officials can Build in the PD.
16. Do NOT double stack your fading doors.
17. You may only have 5 Fading Doors in a base, along with 2 for Money Printers.
18. Fading windows do not count towards your fading door limit.
19. One-way props are allowed, but you may not shoot through them.
20. Do not build inside buildings that you do not own.
21. Loitering signs are not allowed.
22. KOS lines must be INSIDE your own base.
23. Hobos are not allowed to make large buildings, it is considered failrp and is warn/bannable.
24. You are not allowed to make an unraidable base by any means, If staff deem the base to be too overpowered, they will ask you to remove it or fix it.

Mega Basing Rules:

1. You must have 6+ people to mega base.
2. You may only mega base in the beach district, the industrial district, the sewer area, or the bunker district.
3. You may use 5 fading doors maximum for the entrance of the mega base.
4. You may put 2 extra fading doors in each building inside the mega base.
5. You may put 2 extra fading doors in the bunker if mega basing there.

Textscreen Rules:

1. Must be an opacity of 255.
2. KOS and building signs must be a minimum size of 60.
3. Must be outside your base, directly above the entrance.
4. No “KOS All Reasons” or "KOS If Loitering" signs.

Combat Engagement: (KOS)

You CAN fire at someone if:
1. If they do damage to you or one of your party members.
2. If they are shooting your items, props, or entities.
3. They are raiding you.
4. They are in your base.
5. You have warned them to stop following you. EX. /advert Warn, stop following me 1/3 (2/3 and 3/3 respectively).
6. They violate your kos sign.
7. If they are shooting your shield/riot shield.
8. They have /advert Warned you 3 times.
9. They have hit you with a stun stick.
10. A thief is using steal swep on you.
11. If someone is picking up your or a party members entities.
12. They are stealing from you or your party members.
13. If a CP is weapon checking you.
14. If a CP is close to you and is swinging their arrest baton at you.
15. They are handcuffing you or one of your party members.
16. They are releasing someone you or one of your party members handcuffed.

You CAN NOT fire at someone if:

1. They are pointing a gun at/near you.
2. They are following you and you have not warned them.
3. They are mic spamming, call a staff member.
4. They are chat spamming, call a staff member.
5. They are shooting at you or one of your party members, but not damaging them.

Basic Terms:

OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
RDM - Random Death Match
MRDM - Mass RDM (RDMing 3 or more people)
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
RDA - Random Arrest
Meta - Metagaming
CP - Police (Civil Protection)
Mod - Moderator
Admin - Administrator
SA - Super Admin/Senior Admin
HA - Head Admin
CM - Community Manager
DCTAP - Disconnected To Avoid Punishment
LTAP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
LTARP - Leaving To Avoid Roleplay
RP - Role-Play
IRL - In Real Life

RDM (Random Death Match)

Random Death Match, literally means a random attempt to shoot a player or kill. All kills and opening fire(Using your weapon) threats must have a valid role-play reason, not all the valid reasons need to be written down, use your common sense, attempting to kill/damage someone without a valid RP reason will end up in a warn/kick and if the situation is major, a ban(the staff decides the length).

NLR (New Life Rule)

New life rule, this rule applies to you when you die, and means that you must not come back to the your death point within 5 minutes, or anywhere close to it. You must also forget all role-play related events of your character (for example, say; you die, you must 'forget' that).


Do not metagame, ever:
- You are not allowed to transfer any information from IC to OOC, or vice versa.
- You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing something through the wall(Keypad code you got while playing a different job, Name Tags, Drug Lab Tags, etc).
- Getting information from adverts doesn’t count as meta gaming.

Job Rules


- Civilians may own printers.
- Civilians cannot raid, mug, terror or kidnap.
- Citizens, Free Runners, Small and Heavy Arms Dealers, Priests and Bitminers MUST base indoors.
- Fruit Slicers, Field Medics, Prostitutes, Builders, Salesmen and Radio DJ's may base on sidewalks or at the Fountain, including a base if they wish.
- The Cinema Owner must base at the Cinema, the Banker must base at the Bank, and the Bodyguard must base with their employer.
- Do not self supply. You can only self supply if you are the only dealer online.
- The Hobo King and his/her hobos must base on sidewalks or at fountain.
- If a Hobo throws bugbait at you they are KOS.
- A hobo cannot have any gun larger than a pistol, this includes the hobo king.
- Dealers must be actively selling to players (This includes the Salesman).
- Dealers must allow players to purchase items (No KOS Signs in the main lobby).
- Civilians may not counter.
- The Banker may hold printers or valuables for other players.
- The Field Medic may sell health at their own price range.
- The Hotel Manager must base within a Hotel and be actively selling rooms to guests.
- Animal control can cuff dogs on site and bring them back to their base to train them. The dog can be held for a maximum time of 10 minutes. While the dog is being trained, they cannot fail rp to avoid training. The dog may bite and bark to attempt to escape.
- The Dog is exempt from everything above because they're dogs and can't do anything. Must base with his/her owner. Dogs can't have printers, guns, jetpacks, or anything a dog couldn’t do in real life.
Civilians Include: Jobs under the "Civilian" tab, Builder and Salesman.


- Criminals may base with other Criminals. They may not base with CP.
- Thief, Master Thief and Gang Members may mug and raid.
- Terrorists, Master Meth Cook, and Pothead CANNOT raid, mug or kidnap.
- Hitman and Mercenary may ONLY raid their hits. They may not mug.
- Only Terrorists can terror.
- Master Meth Cook and Pot Head must cook inside their bases. If ingredients or products are left outside they're able to be taken by anyone.
- Gang Members may have Gang Wars. This must be averted and must only last at most 15 minutes.
- Thieves may raid, and mug, but not Kidnap. (Respected+ jobs included)
- Kidnappers may kidnap, but not raid or mug. (Respected+ jobs included)
- Kidnappers, please refer to "Kidnap Rules" above for specific rules about kidnapping.
- The Sewer Monster is KOS to all users, everywhere. He may KOS any user in the sewers.
- The Sewer Monster may raid people ONLY in the sewers.
- The Sewer Monster may not base outside the sewer.
- The Sewer Monster cannot use any guns, he may use any melee weapons.
- The Sewer Monster may not wear armor.
- The Black Market Dealer may base with Criminals. He may not self supply or supply to his colleagues for free.
- Hitmen must advert "Hit Accepted" and "Hit Complete".
- You may only counter criminal activities if the victim of the crime is in your party.
- Terrorists should refer to "Terror Rules".
- If a hitman is unable to complete a hit, they can suicide.
- Custom classes can counter any raids.
Criminals Include: Jobs under the "Criminal" tab, Terrorist, Master Thief, Professional Kidnapper, Terrorist Leader, Mercenary, and jobs under the "Custom Jobs" tab.


- Government cannot be corrupt. This includes using printers, unlawful raiding, mugging, kidnapping or using any illegal substances. (Exception: The mayor may put printers in the PD vault)
- The Government must base within the PD.
- S.W.A.T must handle all illegal activities such as raiding, mugging and kidnapping.
- Police patrol the streets and do searches through bases.
- Government must counter bank / PD raids.
- Police may counter all criminal activities.
- Police may not randomly weapon check people.
If there is no mayor online, the police must enforce default laws.
Default Laws:
1. Do not attack other citizens except in self-defense.
2. Do not steal or break into peoples homes.
3. Money printers/drugs are illegal.


- The mayor may not make anything that is against the rules legal.
- The mayor may not declare any individual or group of people exempt from laws.
- The mayor must have a law board up and visible to the public for the laws to be enforced.
- The mayor may not make j-walking illegal.
Government Include: Jobs under the "Government" tab, S.W.A.T Member, S.W.A.T Sniper, S.W.A.T Medic, Police Veteran, Green Arrow, Riot Control, and the FBI Agent.

Police Checkpoints